Welcome to Waltham Forest Forum. This wholly independent, not-for-profit website has been set up to help bring the people of Waltham Forest together; with the hope of using this togetherness to initiate positive change in the Borough.

If you are a Waltham Forest resident or run a business here, sign up and join in! The “General” forum is for most conversations. In the “History” section we would love to hear your own personal recollections about anything at all to do with the area.

Businesses are free to add their details to the directory, please see instructions on the “Rules” page.

If you have an event coming up, please start a new topic to let us know. There will be an events diary up and running soon.

See the “links” page for other discussion groups and websites in the area.

If you have a group that would like its own space on the site, please get in touch.  A forum structure allows us to be a repository of knowledge, self-sorting, easy to search; and fully inclusive – including residents who are maybe too old or too young for social media platforms or otherwise averse to their charms.

Our primary aim is to provide a firm base – for voices to join together to have more chance of being heard – in the battles that we, the people of Waltham Forest, face to make this area the place we want it to be.

The setting-up of this site has been spurred on by big changes being planned for Wood Street Plaza. An independent forum can be a useful way for us all to talk together about how we feel about these very fundamental changes that will affect this particular neighbourhood for many years to come.

We can all recall many times in this Borough when it has seemed as if planning is something that happens to us, foisted upon us despite any concerns. We would like to challenge that; not only in the short term, with an organised approach to campaigning; but with a longer term vision too. There is so much spirit here, yet we seem beset by a feeling of powerlessness. We aim to find an alternative.

All across the internet people are voting and signing petitions and really starting to believe they can make a difference. We believe a change for the better is possible.

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