Treat other members with respect.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, allow others to express theirs as you are allowed to express yours. Please be thoughtful in communicating your opinion to avoid unnecessary offence.

Please be considerate in the language you use on the forum. By all means express yourself, but if you wouldn’t say it at a family lunch you probably shouldn’t say it here.

Intolerance or vilification of other people’s beliefs, culture, IQ, gender, physical or mental conditions, sexual preference/ orientation or age is unacceptable; as is personal abuse. Discuss the subject, not the person.

Please be clear so as not to present rumour as fact.

No spam. There is a business directory where you can advertise your Waltham Forest based business for free. Find the appropriate section for your business, start a new topic using your company name as the title, and list your contact details, opening hours and other information. This first post will become “sticky”, i.e. remain at the top of the topic for your company. Within this one topic you can receive feedback, add new posts to advertise special offers, new menus etc. Please contact admin if you cannot find a section that suits you and we will create a new one for you.

One topic per business only. If your company deals in another (different) line of work and would like to start a new topic for this please contact the administrators.

Please contact admin if you would like to set up and moderate your own special interest forum here. We only ask that it should be an open forum so that everyone can see what’s on and what its about.

Please use your real name (or an available name as close as possible to your real name) as your user name.

Everything is up for revision, even these rules. If there’s anything on the site you’d like changed: start a new topic and we will discuss it, and have a vote on it if appropriate. The founders of this website are committed to ensuring the forum remains the voice of the people, not the mouthpiece of a few.

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